Chasing Rabbits is a one act monodrama written and produced by Mark Fletcher.
Peter Hardy performed the play at Fringe Festivals in Thunder Bay and London, Ontario; Minneapolis and San Francisco, USA; Dublin, Ireland; Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne Australia; and at the Riant Theatre, New York City.
Peter also performed the solo role in the film of Chasing Rabbits shot in Melbourne.
Chasing Rabbits
Peter Hardy performs Chasing Rabbits
Photos: Skip Watkins
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Peter Hardy performs
Peter Hardy does a phenomenal job of taking his character through a range of emotions and memories, ultimately leaving the audience sitting stunned in their chairs at the conclusion of this one-man show.
Pulse Magazine Minneapolis
Peter Hardy is excellent in the role of Nick, maintaining the character's moral ambiguity,
and our fluctuating sympathy, right to the end.

The Age
This is an intense piece of theatre, one that relies upon both the strength and subtlety of the actor's characterisation, his timing and delivery crucial to the suspense built up by the skilfully crafted narrative.
Helen Thomson
The Age
His one-man show Chasing Rabbits begins as a comedy and ends, some 30 minutes later, as a dark, dark tale...
Hardy has Minneapolitans in stitches with his well timed delivery, so when the punch comes, it flattens them.

Gabriella Coslovich
The Age Melbourne