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Myriad Plankton
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Myriad Plankton & Friends, Divine Decadence
Divine Decadence: The Apocalyptic Alternative 1984
Myriad Plankton, (centre) Careerwoman and Manager of Divine Decadence from 1981-1985.

Her steady hand saw the boys through the heady days of The Old Bayley gigs, the tough days of the Transcontinental Resurrection Tour and the seemingly endless night of the Apocalyptic Alternative  New Year's Eve Gig at Ricardo's before she retired to a knoll east of the Great Northern Highway south of the Fortesque River at the end of the Northwest Tour in 1985.

Poster for the 1983 New Year's Eve Gig - The Apocalyptic Alternative - at Perth's Ricardo's. 
1984 loomed large and the Banana Republic was in the grip of Keato's 'recession we had to have'...

Things looked grim.

The perfect setting for a night of Divine Decadence.

                                                          Design by Serge.

The last of the many Divine Decadence posters - 
The Classic Sweat Pose Revue!

The title was derived from a track on Dirk Hamilton's 1977 album 'Alias I' - with a photographic image by brilliant Perth photographer and winner of the Wimbledon Baby Beautiful Competition Chris Ha.                               
(May he rest in peace.)

Hmmm, the 20th Century...

Steve & Peter
Divine Decadence: The Decadettes
It's hard to get good help.

The Decadettes - backing band superb and 
the most reliable session musicians since...
well, since graphic artist extraordinaire Michael Collins knocked them up for us.

So long, Michael. RIP 2006

Long since retired, the boys were last seen in Ibiza looking askance at the content of the dance floor.
Divine Decadence: Kangaroos in the Top Paddock Tour. Highway Hotel Ad
The craziest duo to ever hit Bunbury...?

At the end of the 'Kangaroos In The Top Paddock Tour' 
which took in Port Hedland, Karratha and Broome, we
headed back to the lush pastures of the South-West of
WA where we frequented the Old Bayley in Balingup under the patronage of the Syme/Lamont team.
From there we struck a rich vein in Bunbury which saw us returning on a regular basis.

And didn't we make the most of that cosy saloon bar.
Divine Decadence Triple J Launch Perth
And to finish. 
As we finished every gig.


You don't know what it's like
To love somebody
To love somebody
The way I love you.

Thank you.

Triple J
Divine Decadence: The Classic Sweat Pose Revue
Wes McCordy & Max Headroom, The Old Baley Gig
DAAS: The Doug Anthony Allstars with Divine Decadence.
belter of a season with the Dougies.

Dragged kicking and screaming out of retirement for a five-show series in the Edwardian splendour of The Maj in Perth, Divine Decadence rediscovered the intoxicating adulation of full houses who, admittedly, thought they were there for someone else.

There followed fun nights of mutual admiration and mayhem before the lads decided that perhaps they had pulled the pin a tad prematurely and set about giving the West another workover.