Divine Decadence Poster  The Classic Sweat Pose Revue
Divine Decadence: Rock & Roll Comedy Cabaret Mayhem.

Born out of a mutual history of Rock, Classics, Theatre, Pub Shows, Tavern Music (there's a concept of the 70's) and compulsive indulgence,  Divine Decadence came together when a volatile mixture of The Multi-Function Polish:-  singer / guitarist / pianist/ charismatist Steve Froudist aka (The Original) Max Headroom * and multi instrumentalist / multiple personality Peter Hardy aka Wes McCordy stumbled into Peter Eakins' Bedford Tavern in Murray Street Perth on Wednesday 4th February 1981 to keep the adventurous portion of 7000 sailors and marines of the visiting U.S. fleet from tearing up the town - and a lifestyle was launched.

Between that fateful night and the last New Year's Eve gig they winged in the mid 90's, Max and Wes racked up hundreds of gigs at watering holes, festivals and eclectic gatherings around Perth, the South West and as far north as Broome, delivering up a unique kaleidescopic cocktail which was often aped but never topped.

They pre-Shined David Helfgott at Ricardo's; opened for the Doug Anthony Allstars at His Majesty's Theatre for five shows two years running and brought the house down; pacified beer soaked football fans in Karratha by playing Top 40 cover versions from the back of semi trailers and saved Antarctica for Greenpeace at PICA, all the while giving a fairly passable impression of two blokes enjoying themselves immensely.

Enduring thanks to:

Myriad Plankton - Manageress and Careerwoman

Meiner Host etc Bruce

Helen - of course

Unca Tezza - for the early days

Joylene & Cherylette - without whom

Sam DG - the dayglo accountant, and Priscilla

The Ghost Who Walks

Jukebox Jules .........putacoininherslotandshellgiveyouthelot....................sshhhh, Bang!


Sorry Matt Frewer, Anabel Jankel, Rocky Morton, Peter Wagg, George Stone and Steve Roberts @ Channel 4
but Steve beat you to it by at least three years.
Steve very generously didn't kick up a stink when the parallel universe appropriated his moniker and the West Perth subway lives large in memory...

Love the show but.

Divine Decadence (1981 - ....)
Secret to Success

The White Pointer

In a Middy (10 oz) Glass
Over Crushed Ice

1 oz Tequila
1 oz  Vodka
1 oz    Ouzo

Top up with Bitter Lemon

Have a Few

Max Headroom : Steve Froudist