Chasing Rabbits - The Film
Chasing Rabbits is now a 20 minute short film.
The film can be viewed on Vimeo here.

Shot in Melbourne between the 19th and 24th March 2001 by Cinematographer and Director Sion Michel from the script adapted from Mark Fletcher's original stage play and featuring Peter Hardy in the solo role, the film of Chasing Rabbits had its premiere screening at The Classic cinema in Elsternwick on the 18th June 2001.

It has since been screened at the following film festivals:

2001 Minnesota Fringe Festival 

The Long Beach Film Festival

St Louis International Film Festival

Anchorage Film Festival

Santa Fe Film Festival

Empire State Film Festival

Sarasota Film Festival

Johns Hopkins Film Festival 2002

2002 Rochester International Film Festival

AJIJIC Festival Internacional de Cine

Bare Bones International Film Festival

Wetfest Cairns Australia

Fayettville Arkansas FilmFest

IndieFest Telluride Colorado

Valodaro International Film Festival Mexico

Eclipse Film Festival Utah

Flickerfest International Film Festival 2003

Eureka Springs Digital Film Festival Arkansas

Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival Brazil

At the NSW ACS Awards in Sydney on Saturday 3rd November 2001, Sion Michel was awarded the Gold Medal for Cinematography for his work on Chasing Rabbits. 

The film went on to win the following awards:

Empire State Film Festival NYC
1st Prize Best Short Film, 2001

Bare Bones Film Festival
Tulsa Oklahoma
Grand Jury Award
Best Actor In A Foreign Film 2002

Anchorage Film Festival 
Third Place, 2002 

8th Annual Cinevue Film Festival Florida 
Best Short Film, 2001

8th Annual Cinevue Film Festival Florida 
Best Actor, 2001 

Telluride Indifest 
Winner (Short Film), 2003 

Fayetteville Film Fest 
Jury Nominated Winner, 2003 

2002 Grand Goldie Film Award 


Chasing Rabbits - The Minneapolis Star Tribune
Sun, 5 Aug 2001
2001 Minneapolis Film Festival
‘From edgy to over-the-edge, the offerings in this year's Fringe Film Fest prove that creativity and do-it-yourself gumption are the key
elements in creating original, intriguing movies. The lineup of shorts and features is organized in a number of thematic showcases. 
What binds them is a disdain for hack storytelling and homogenized film technique.

The standout among screenings classified as feature-length is Sion Michel's "Chasing Rabbits." 
As handsomely directed, acted and shot as any Hollywood prestige picture, it offers a 21-minute journey through the mind of a man whose involvement in a traffic accident turns out to be less than accidental. 
Actor Peter Hardy begins with bluff self-confidence, gradually revealing decades of pain and trauma compressed into homicidal rage.’

Independent Film Magazine Australia Article